Purpose Coaching


Discovering your purpose can sometimes be the most elusive idea to ascertain but it is much easier than you think especially when you know your gifting profile and have a coach to talk with you through your purpose and plan.

As a Purpose Coach, I will help you discover and unlock the purposes that God put inside of you.  Determine what you are called and assigned to do in the earth that no one else will do?

In addition to uncovering your purpose, we will conduct session(s) to produce a strategic plan or a roadmap component for future planning of your business or vision idea while defining optimization tools and techniques for tactical outcomes.

This strategic planning session(s) will ask these questions to uncover the answers to:

  1. What is your personal vision and mission? (can it be expressed quantitatively or qualitatively or both)
  2. What is your primary dream of a business or vision for growth, expansion, impact?
  3. What stage do you consider your vision or business to be in? (startup, growth, maturity, renewal, or declined)
  4. How do you plan to fulfill this vision?
  5. In what ways do you see yourself reaching this?

Book a session or sessions today to get laser focus on your purpose and get an action plan to fully fulfill it.


Package 1

1 hour Session $150

Package 2

2 hour Strategy Sessions $279

Package 3

3 hour Sessions $425.00

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