I Am Pretty Bundle

Sonia’s awesome I Am Pretty book was written to unlock the pretty within you. Journey through these pages, and let’s take a deeper look at the meaning of PRETTY (purposed, received, earmarked, tenacious, triumphant, and yielded) and watch God ignite you to become all He purposed you to be, do and walk, in your PRETTY!

The I Am Pretty Journal Study Guide was created to be used by readers in collaboration with the “I Am Pretty” book. The journal study will guide you through the chapters to answer specific questions and look more in-depth at certain principles from the book. The questions and examples will cause readers to ignite their purpose, identity, and triumphant life. The journal questions at the end of each chapter in the I Am Pretty book and these additional questions in this guide will add to the reader’s overall understanding and growth. The journal study guide can be used as a daily devotion as you take a journey through the book, and it will help you navigate that successfully. Let’s start your personal Pretty study now!



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