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You are Pretty just like the Cover- every shade, culture, and skin tone!

As women, we are bombarded by the expectation to appear and act picture perfect most of the time. Often women are judged by our exterior and ability to look aesthetically appealing and carry ourselves in a way that attracts others […]

Success That Pleases God

The world’s philosophy of success defines purpose as excelling in a profession or acquiring fame and fortune. Personal success stories highlight people who have started from nothing but achieve their dreams through hard work and ingenuity. Successful entrepreneurs, famed athletes, […]

Words do hurt!

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt.” Unfortunately, words do hurt; though they may not physically damage a person, they can damage our heart and soul. Proverbs says, ” The tongue has the power of […]

Living a Triumphant Life

A triumphant life is one full of victory and success that is exhilarating and breathes life into others. It is one where we have overcome life’s challenges and found purpose in our pain. Triumphant living is swaggering in such a […]