Sonia is an inspirational speaker because she inspires others by sharing biblical principles that provoke purpose and helps draw people closer to God. She gives unique insight and a relevant perspective to her speaking and writing. Her wisdom crushes the barriers that keep women from receiving physical, mental, and spiritual healing. An encounter from her preaching awakens a fire and passion which causes women to pursue and fully walk in their purpose. People are waiting on Sonia and problems need her solutions. It’s through her journey, trials, process, and tears she has come to a resolve to be authentically herself. She is very transparent and real about growing into womanhood and the challenges of being a female but reveals how she became a tenacious and triumphant woman who has risen to tell her story and empower women.

She is the founder and CEO of Blossoming Vines Ministries, Inc. a non-profit 501c3 whose mission is “Helping women ‘Blossom’ in their lives and extend their reach to others!” Her organization helps single moms and mentors elementary and high school girls. You can learn more about Blossoming Vines.

In the spring of 2005, Sonia published her first book now called I Am Ready (ready for purpose, ready to be better, and ready to love) which identifies the major desires that all women (of all cultures) have- desiring love, happiness, and purpose. Her second booklet entitled Only A Little Distance To Success was self-published in November of 2010 and deals with letting go of the past to catch hold of your future. I Am Pretty is the second book in her I Am Ready Series and I Am Married will be released in the fall of 2020.

She is a high school graduate of Griffin High. She continued to receive her BS Degree in Language Arts Education from Tuskegee University while earning of Master’s Degree with honors from Oral Roberts University.


Sonia is married to Mr. Shawn Michael Adams of Dallas, Texas, who is Dean of Students at Atlanta Technical College. They reside in Atlanta, Georgia with their sons, Solomon and Simeon Michael Adams, who are the joys of her life.