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Sonia's Coaching Philosophy

Some writers write out their thoughts without a strategy, structural plan, or accountability; therefore, the likelihood of completing and publishing a book is lowered.

However, if you have a coach who is motivating you, shares writing strategy and procedures with you while you are writing, and helps you stick to your writing schedule, the likelihood of you completing your book and publishing it is significantly higher.

Author Coach, Sonia Adams, will help you outline your book chapters, streamline your title, identify your target audience, and coach you to tell your story while weaving empowerment points to help your readers make the practical applications and connections to your story.

Certified Language Arts and Research Writing Teacher since 1991 Taught English, Research Writing, Literature, Linguistics, and Grammar at elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels. 9 Authors Coached and Published 4 Books Published 2 Journals Published


My statured client list is a testament to my dedication.

Sonia worked with a publishing company and coached over 8 clients through the process of writing, organizing, and publishing their books. Many had inspirational moments during their sessions and were grateful to receive the guidance, nurturing, and literary insight to help them write and publish their book.


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Author Coaching Sessions Package (Installment Pay) 45 minutes @ $299.00

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Author Coaching Sessions Package (Pay in full) (45 minutes @ $1,000.00)

Package 3

Author Coaching Package with Bonus Session (Full Pay) (45 minutes @ $1,097.00)

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