You are Pretty just like the Cover- every shade, culture, and skin tone!

As women, we are bombarded by the expectation to appear and act picture perfect most of the time. Often women are judged by our exterior and ability to look aesthetically appealing and carry ourselves in a way that attracts others into our space. Sometimes opportunities present themselves to professional women who are well kept. And this causes the need for cosmetics, hair salons, plastic surgeons, and a booming fashion industry – women are their greatest customers. And just recently learned African women use bleaching cream. So as women, we find ourselves in the vicious cycle to maintain award-winning appearances! Outer looks become the focus and goal, so we spend time, money, and energy to achieve this goal!

If you can look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am Pretty,” it likely stems from you making a perception based on external attributes! If you see your flaws, imperfections, and wrinkles, you may think “I am not Pretty.” Again, you are viewing your outer shell and making an unfair evaluation of who you are based upon your outer appearance.

You may look in the mirror and see a beautiful face, a pleasant skin tone, and a banging figure. You have learned to love your curves, your laugh lines, your freckles, and all of you and can say, “I am Pretty”! Though your confession is resolute, again it only affirms that which is external! Relying on acceptance based on physical attributes inhibits our ability to see, know, and understand who we really are.

This is why there’s a need for continuous affirmation and approval from others! When our confidence, esteem, and the foundation of our self-worth is built on the outer appearance, it’s shaky and requires continual praise, affirmation, and stroking! This is why Facebook and Instagram have become the cornerstone of our culture! They are the devices that stroke our ego, affirms our confidence, and assures our pretty.

Unfortunately, if we’re not careful, we’ll need “likes and loves” daily in order to feel good about who we are. External qualities become the deciding factor upon which we base our approval, first by us and then by others! They breed comparison, wield jealousy, and foster discontentment. These feelings of insecurity arise in us because maybe we don’t know how powerful and remarkable we really are.

Who are we in our created soul, apart from our physical shell? Who are we apart from what we do, and what we’ve accomplished?

When we don’t know who we are as created spiritual beings and can’t fully answer these questions, it is likely that we have not had a radical inner change that is solidified and sealed in us. Until this earnestly happens within us, we will never truly believe we are pretty or that we are enough.

Though I felt pretty on the outside and people told me I was beautiful, I was still insecure and unsure of who I was as a mighty creation of God. I didn’t know who I was as an approved woman who was precious apart from my looks, my titles, and what I did. I never felt good enough, smart enough, thin enough, worthy enough, or ironically, pretty enough.

Pretty can become a word that we say to young girls who wear pretty ruffled dresses, ponytails with cute bows, and smiles on cue! Pretty is what we say when a face is beat and lashes are on fleek! Pretty is the thought I have when my dress is tapered, and my high heels give me a strut that makes men drool as they look.

Pretty was a word that had no value or depth for me until it came to life after I discovered a deeper meaning! I uncovered that pretty is a girl, a teenager, or a woman who has a purpose, and is received, earmarked, tenacious, triumphant, and yielded! When a woman finds herself embracing these aspects of PRETTY (purpose, received, earmarked, tenacious, triumphant, and yielded) and they become deeply rooted on the inside, her pretty aroma will become her foundation, stability, and strength! Once we blossom in our pretty, we can extend our reach to others.

Speak daily that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, royal, unique, and made in His image and likeness. Remember you are His workmanship created for good works.

Yes, you are royal, a detailed work, and tapestry of the Creator and He took His time and specifically fashioned you with intricacy and precision. He created us in His image and likeness. Not only did He create us, but He made us for a purpose – for good works in the earth. So I am not just royal and fabulous, but my awesomeness has a purpose. When I walk in purpose, the more my inner pretty permeates the atmosphere, which causes a change in me and extends to others.

Fully grasping and organically ascertaining the truth that God receives us despite our imperfections, flaws, and our daily missing the mark can by-pass us if we do not intentionally allow it to be established in our heart. We are received and accepted by God regardless of what we think about ourselves and despite what any other human thinks or says about us.

Acceptance helps us feel that our life is valuable and worthy of existence. Healthy affirmation can guide the very core of our being. Every human soul, whether we admit it or not, desires to be affirmed and acknowledged as important, needed, purposeful, and loved! And God acknowledges us as His purposeful and affirmed daughters. So you and I no longer have to do, look, or try to achieve great feats to be accepted by God. He already accepts us and He desires us to receive freedom, discover that we are received by Him, and believe what He says about us.


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    I was in the clubhouse and wanted your blog on soul ties and deliverance

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