Weddings-Pre & Marital Counseling

Counseling courses are for those who desire marital or premarital counsel. It outlines a 4-6-week program that I utilize to complete the counseling program. I am not a licensed counselor, but I facilitate counseling and coaching, holding a certificate from the Prepare-Enrich program.

I facilitate sessions, which last for 45 minutes. I counsel based on profile results from online Prepare-Enrich, survey. Both parties will complete. To identify what areas are needed for growth. Also, the sessions will help us recognize areas of strength and build upon those. All counsel and advice are founded on principles.

We ask each couple to complete the Prepare-Enrich Profile ( that provides data on every couple detailing the compatibility in the areas of romance/leisure, sex, finances, family, conflict resolution, religion, etc. The profile cost is $35.00 per couple, and you both will take the inventory first, and it will guide me in our sessions. If there are any other areas you would like to explore, I’ll counsel and advise in those areas also. At the end of all sessions, I will make a final recommendation based on my spiritual advice and assessment regarding your next steps or tools to practice strengthening your marriage as you move forward. 

Counselees are asked to contribute $100.00 an hour and a $30 inventory cost for the profile assessment. That is a total of $400.00 for four sessions or $600.00 for six sessions depending on the number of sessions you choose. The profile inventory is a separate cost. All fees are paid at the booking of the sessions with a signed contract to participate in 4 or 6 sessions.  

Weddings After at least 2 Counseling sessions

Short or customized ceremony Small Wedding

This wedding includes travel to the ceremony venue. Professionally officiate your ceremony, signing of license and two counseling sessions will be extended after booking.

Traditional Large Wedding

Administer the Declaration of Intent and Pronouncement of Marriage, including travel to the venue anywhere in metro Atlanta. I will professionally officiate your ceremony, and the signing of the license and two counseling sessions will be extended after booking.

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