Organizational Consulting

I give CPR to help resuscitate key leaders, your business, ministry, and/or leaders to inspire, empower, and give practical application to bring systematic order and opportunities for internal and external growth.

CPR: (Consultation/Critique, Plan, and make Recommendations)


Consultation/Critique, Plan, and make Recommendations


A first consultation will be held to meet with the key leader to assess the areas of concern (critique the strengths and weaknesses with site visits if necessary).

After the consultation, the primary leader can determine what areas of foci are to be developed or reconstructed if contracted.



If consulting is retained, meetings will be conducted with the top leaders on staff.

A collaborative plan will be determined to improve, rebuild, change, and/or add programs, vision and/or mission statements, and organizational curricula.

A guided time will be given to execute a plan of action with monitoring of successes and failures as overseen by Sonia as your consultant.



Other proposed strategies will be recommended in a final evaluation once phase two has been completed.

Opportunities for growth will be addressed in the final evaluation report.

Referrals to programs and other resources will also be given in the recommendations.

Areas of Recommendation will include:

  • Overview
  • Observations
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Strategies
  • Success Factor

Sonia’s resume and areas of Expertise include

  • 15 years of ministry and church planting
  • Exceptional leadership skills fostering collaborative environments, establishing the vision, setting goals, communicating, motivating, empowering, building capacity and developing people
  • Write and revise curricula: new members manuals, small groups, and other areas.
  • leadership and developmental training with a focused curriculum.
  • Provide leadership and development training for team leads through conferences, workshops, and/or classes.
  • Help redefine and properly word the vision and mission statements with clarity and cultural relevance.
  • Non-Profit 501c3 Readiness:
  • Help Implement many facets of a non-profit.
    • Bylaws
    • Module of ministry (diagram)
    • Vision, mission, and focus
    • Narrative writing
  • Tweak vision statements and garner teams
  • Give referrals for partnerships with community organizations in various community projects
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